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08 Nov 2016: We mourn the loss of Eugene Kamprath, age 90. Dr. Kamprath was for many years an extremely influential and highly regarded faculty member in the Department of Soil Science whose research on acid soil infertilty paved the way toward unlocking hitherto unrealized potential for southern crops, further out to places like Brazil and Indonesia. It's a fact.

Welcome to The Open Furrow, reimaged! We have migrated to off-campus hosting in the wake of internal IT consolidation efforts within the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State University. However, that movement has not altered our guiding principles: fostering an open exchange of informative, applied "boots-on-the-ground" ideas about soil, "the thin mantle of Earth's surface that sustains us", agro productivity, and the inexhaustible fund of human ingenuity that feeds and fuels the nexus of global striving we perceive as modern civilization.

My profile: Research Specialist at NC State University since 1994, where I coordinate research operations across diverse NCSU college, commodity group, and private sector stakeholders related to: water-efficient "smart irrigation" technologies; digital phenomics integrating visible through near IR hyperspectral polarimetry; nutrient management and productivity emphasizing intrinsic soil-water-plant relationships that impact long-term sustainability in cropping systems. In January 2015 I joined the fledgling AMPLIFY project at the NCSU-NCDA Cunningham Research Farm in Kinston, NC. The AMPLIFY (Agrosphere Modeling for Producing Large Increases in Food Yield) strategic public-private research partnership engages experts and prime stakeholders from industry, academia, and agribusiness to generate knowledge and develop, test, and publish new approaches, technologies and analytic tools to advance high-yield, resilient agriculture integrating multi-platform digital information.

We invite you to browse our webpages. Examine recent and ongoing work in Projects; for the non-specialist we have published a series of technical notes in Dirt Hog's Companion; links to innovative, boot-worthy ideas about tillage, agro productivity and resource-efficient "sustainable" agriculture in Behind the Wire; the evolving field of site-specific management is featured in On Point; Agrosphere Journal, a poignant if occassionally unorthodox blog that ponders land and life and everything within and between; finally, learn about culture, agriculture, and the world beyond in Explorations. And let us know if you have found something useful and/or interesting here, or simply would like to talk shop. Feedback is encouraged and greatly appreciated!

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